Birthday?! I’m not ready!

I am not known for my organisation skills; more so the lack of. You can guarantee I will leave the house without something (luckily, I’ve always remembered the kids! phew!) Sometimes it’s my phone, or my purse, or forgetting to refill the baby bag. (don’t forget to do that…no nappies or snacks can make for a verrrrrry frustrating time. Trust me ok? I know.) Only last week I’d walked to the end of my street (25m maybe?) before having to turn around twice because I’d 1) left Lily’s school shoes in the cupboard – she was wearing wellies and 2) forgot to put the bin out to be emptied. Halfway to school I then realised I’d left my phone at home also. I was really winning that day…

I’ve read a few articles/pages that pose the question “is baby brain really a thing?” (You can read a study here  which, might I add, was only conducted on 42 American women…)and there is often a mixed debate about it. Well I am here to end this debate. It is a real thing. I didn’t have the best memory before being pregnant, but now it just takes the mick! Especially in the first few months of having a baby. It’s not a medical problem, but it is a combination of:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Being on demand 24/7
  • A change of life, completely
  • Hormones

So for me, baby brain really is a real thing; even if we do just call it “being a mum.”

I’ve completely sidetracked to what I wanted to discuss in my post! Williams first birthday. I can’t even believe I’m writing about this to be honest. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago I found out I was pregnant, and yet here we are discussing what to do for his first birthday…


As for the reason I’ve brought up organisation, I’m sure you’ve put two and two together by now.. (no?) Well I’ve been in complete denial about his birthday I’ve barely planned anything for it!! Last minute dot com over here. And with a week to go I really am on the “bad mummy list.” With work and school it would be pretty hard pushed to get round to seeing everyone on his actual birthday, so we’ve arranged a family drop-in on the Sunday with nibbles and the like. (Which I’ve yet to buy..see? organised, not!) I was chatting to another mum today and we came to the topic of cake. a cake. oh balls. Do I make it? Can I be bothered? (Will it be edible if I made it??) Or do I just go and buy the traditional Caterpillar cake from Tesco? I’ve yet to make a decision on that, but it will most likely be a bought cake this time, (Sorry, William.)

And then came the question, “What are you getting him as a present?” …uhh…next question please! I’d asked around a few weeks ago what other parents had bought their kids for their first birthdays, and that’s really as far as I’ve got. – I have bought some Mega Bloks though! Pretty excited about that. With Christmas just passed however, it makes buying presents somewhat difficult…If he gets anymore toys we will need an extension just to fit them all in. (Exaggerating a little, but he does have a LOT of toys.) If you read my previous post about the toys he got for Christmas – you can read it here – I am in no hurry for any more toys! I’ve been sensible and asked for clothes and slippers.



Do we need any more?? I think not…


Do you have any tips or ideas for a first birthday? I’d love to hear them, please leave a comment! 🙂

-Becky xo

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