Lily’s First Day of School 2015.


I’ve blurred out the school logo.

I still remember Lily’s first day of primary school. We were all super excited about it, and like every other parent we spammed social media with pictures of Lily in her new uniform and big smiles. She didn’t show any fear or worry, quite the opposite in fact! We weren’t getting out of the door quick enough! After the mini-photoshoot (a photo on your own, one with daddy, one with all of us, do a twirl, stand by the wall, hold your bookbag etc!)  we picked up her lunch box and empty school bag and off we strolled on our very first walk to school. We nattered about what she might be doing at school, and her nursery friends who would also be starting at the same school. We also spoke about being polite to everyone and I set her a task of remembering 1 new persons name and to tell me after school!


It was a daunting day for the both of us, I know both of our minds were whirring with questions, fears and excitement. For Lily, I can imagine her thoughts would’ve been about making new friends, trying to please the teachers, remembering where to go etc etc. And my thoughts and fears were along the lines of: Where the bloody hell do we go? Where’s her classroom? Do we pick up from the same place? What if she didn’t get on with anyone? What if no one likes her or bullied her? (although, I wasn’t too worried about that – she was quite the social butterfly at Nursery, she was everyone’s best friend!) What if she doesn’t like school? Will it become a daily struggle to get her there? What if she struggles with the school work? 


Not only was I fretting over Lily’s first day/year at school, I had my own personal worries: Where would I stand in the playground to pick her up? Would I make new mum friends? Would I be the “lone mum” on the playground at pickup? What if Lily makes friends with a child who’s parents don’t like me? Or vice versa? How do you strike up a conversation with another parent when you don’t know them? 

  • I came up with a plan to solve my worries. Lily’s birthday is in October – which in the UK would make her one of the older children in the class (September is the start of the school year.) So, what better way to get to know some parents and school friends by organising a party for Lily’s birthday! (It worked might I add – I now have some brilliant school mum friends!)


The biggest question that came to mind was what the bloody hell do I do with my child-free time?? Relax! was the biggest response, after all I was 5 months pregnant at the time! “It won’t be child-free time for long!” So that’s what I did. For the first week anyway. I walked out of the school gates one morning in the second week, stepped wonkily (I think I made a word up) and managed to break my fricking foot! Seriously. I took one step out of the school gates…I did a funny wobble dance and managed to stop myself from faceplanting the floor whilst a couple of other parents smirked and tried to hide their laughter, (which if it was me, I’dve probably laughed too – what normal person trips over nothing?)

The best part was I actually heard it break. I tried to hide my pain and embarrassment by starting the walk home; not knowing at the time it was broken (and I’m still 5 months pregnant..and it was about a 20 minute walk on a good day.) I got about 10 metres down the road before I stopped and did what any other adult would do: I called my mum. To cut a long story short, I walked home (in pain) and my mum took me to the hospital. I had a few x-rays done and then got whisked away to the fracture clinic where they put a glorious purple cast on my foot.


Feeling sorry for myself.

The first day of school was a success, we were on time and found the right classroom, and most of all: Lily loved it. She even managed to remember a few names from her class to tell me after school. Even now in year one she loves school, which to me shows that her school is clearly doing something right!

How did your first day at school go? Is your little one about to start? What are your concerns/worries?

Becky xo


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