Going Self Hosted

Wowee, I did it! I finally plucked up the courage (and pennies) to go self hosted! I had tried initially when I first set up my blog but I was all so lost and muddled with it, so I left it.

Until now!

It’s still very early days, as in…this week my blog went live. I have a new shiny theme, and I have finally gotten rid of “.wordpress” from my website name! Yippee!

So how did I go about it? To be honest, I didn’t know where to start. What did I need? How much did it all cost? Who was the best host to go with?

I did a bit of my own research initially, I asked around to find out what other bloggers thought about providers, and then I got in touch with a lovely lady named Laura at Blogger2WP. They offer services to help transfer your blog from one platform to another!

Well Laura was amazing! She explained everything I would need to move over to self hosted, and gave me a step-by-step run down of how to do it all. What was even better, she did it all for me!

At first I was a bit dubious, I was recommended links to two companies I’d never heard of before, but I did a bit of research again and found them to be legit and good value, and coming from a reliable source I had no reason not to go along with it! So off I went and bought my domain name from Namecheap, and then my hosting platform from Siteground. (Both were easy peasy to navigate and understand, and as far as I’m aware, pretty good value too!)

And then I was stuck…where did I go from there?

I got back into contact with Laura, and she took it all from there. I was a bit worried that I was about to send across my account log in details to a lady I’d never met or knew much about, but I stuck to my guns and went for it, and here we are now. One shiny new self-hosted blog!

I have to say, the professionalism and efficiency shown was brilliant, all my questions were answered with no hesitations, the tone of emails were friendly and warm – I’ve received emails before where I’ve felt very awkward responding, but with Laura I was just myself. Not to mention the speed at which it was all completed! And as I briefly touched on, I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing really, so to have it all explained step-by-step (in simple terms) was just what I needed. – none of the tech jargon!

I’m so grateful to Blogger2WP for helping me out with this. I’ve waited for this moment for so long, I still can’t believe I’ve done it!

Now let’s see about cracking out some content!

Becky x

*I was given the transfer and theme free in exchange for a testimonial piece*

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