One Week Until Surgery!

We’re on the one week countdown now! One week to go until Rubeon has squint correction surgery for both eyes.

Now, whenever I’ve told people face to face about this, they’ve given me a big shocked face and an “oh my god really?!” Kind of expression. Initially I couldn’t work out why, until my sister explained that they took the eye out of the socket to do this procedure.

I panicked a little, and questioned what on Earth I was about to to put Rubeon through, but I received a letter in the post which explained the procedure and in bold was the statement: “we do not take the eyeball out of the socket.” *phew* so it’s actually a minimally invasive procedure, which I am much more relaxed and at ease with.

We’ve been waiting a while for this operation now, after our first appointment with the ophthalmologist back in March, it was scheduled for May 1st. Unfortunately this never happened as at the end of April, Rubeon ended up in hospital for a shunt revision instead! We met the anaesthetist during his revision surgery who had already cancelled the first eye surgery and told us we would hear about the new date soon.

I spent most of June chasing them and finding out when the new appointment would be, and eventually received a letter for the 3rd July! Thankfully it’s only a day surgery, so we’ll be in and out on the same day.

I’m pretty excited to get this surgery out of the way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is all that is stopping him from seeing properly, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, I’m counting down the days until Tuesday 3rd July! (And don’t worry, I’ll keep you all posted too.)

Becky x

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